All the Printables You Need for Doman’s “How Smart is Your Baby” Newborn Program

Free Infant Stimulation Kit for Glenn Doman "How Smart is Your Baby" Program

Here is a collection of all of the printable materials you will need for the Glenn Doman newborn program (stages 1-3) as described in “How Smart is Your Baby” (stage 4 printables will be coming soon).

Now instead of spending hours making all of these materials from scratch like I did the first time around (or buying them at a steep price), you can just click “print”.

I hope these materials will be helpful to a lot of families.

Click on each image to view and download the pdf files.

(Note: if you are tight on money and can’t afford the ink to print these documents, see the bottom of this post for an ink-friendly stencil version you can use to help you make your own).

Free Printable Checkerboards (infant stimulation program)

Checkerboards for decorating your baby’s environment in the early days where they can only see light and dark.

Free Outline Cards (infant stimulation program)

Stage 2 visual stimulation simple outline cards.

Free Emotion Faces (infant stimulation program)

Emotion faces visual stimulation cards for stage 3.

Free White on Black Dot Numbers (infant stimulation program)

Number dot cards with white dots on black background for stage 3.

Free Colorful Details Outline Cards (infant stimulation program)

Colorful detail outline cards for stage 3.

Free Fruit Sensory Program Printables (infant stimulation program)Free Fruit Sensory Program Extra Options (infant stimulation)

10-day fruit program (also known as “using the 5 sensory pathways” program) picture cards and word cards.

The first option has ten basic fruits that you can use for the program. However, if you want or need to use different fruits, I’ve created a second version with 29 different fruits to select from.

Free Choice boards (infant stimulation program)

6 choice boards for the language program, as well as blank choice boards for writing your own options.

Free Colorful Silhouette Checkerboards (infant stimulation)

Colorful detail silhouette checkerboards for stage 3.

The above link includes four squares per page. A larger size (5×5 inch boxes, 2 squares per page) is also available here.

Free Newborn Visual Stimulation Patterns

Not specifically part of the Doman program, but these are a bunch of fun patterns (120 pages in all) you can use to decorate your baby’s visual environment and keep it stimulating (and change them up regularly to keep it interesting).

Free Weekly Checklists (infant stimulation program)

Weekly checklists for the first year based on activities recommended in the book. The stage 4 intellectual program checklists aren’t ready yet; will update soon.

Stencil Version Infant Stimulation Supplies

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve also created a “stencil version” of the main infant stimulation supplies, just in case times are tight and you can’t afford the ink to print all of these pdfs but still would like a little something to make your material-making easier. Included are:

  • outline bits
  • emotion faces
  • circles for number dots, and
  • silhouettes for checkerboards (note that these are for 5×5 inch square checkerboards)

I have not included

  • the checkerboards (doesn’t really require a stencil, just use a ruler)
  • fruit pictures (they are supposed to be pictures, for which you can’t make a stencil)
  • choice boards (already ink-friendly, or just write your own)
  • visual stimulation patterns (will possibly make a stencil version in the future)


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