Doman Mom person behind author Liz Elizabeth

Hi, and welcome to DomanMom.com! My name is Liz, and I’m a parent of three kids. I found out about the Doman Method a decade ago, back in 2007 when my oldest son was two years old. I instantly fell in love and became a huge fan!


This website is where I share that passion with the world. My goals are to:

1. Make early teaching accessible. Unfortunately the Doman books are pretty unclear. They don’t give a schedule (daily schedules, suggested content, etc), they don’t give much information about what to expect, and they don’t give information about transitioning from early teaching methods (babies and toddlers) to teaching methods for older children (preschool and above).

This can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and lost, with more questions than answers after reading one of Doman’s books. I want to share the information I’ve learned to help other parents navigate through their journey.

2. Provide teaching materials. Making specialized teaching materials for babies and toddlers takes a lot of time! Doing it yourself can take hours and hours every week, which can make the whole thing inaccessible for those who don’t have the hours to commit.

I have made a ton of resources for my own kids, and I want to share them here to make the journey for other parents easier.

3. Link to the best resources. There’s tons of information shared between early teaching parents about favorite blogs, websites, apps, toys, books, you name it! I want to compile all the best resources that I have used, as well as recommended resources other early teaching parents have trusted.

4. Create galleries and interviews. In the future I would like to start interviewing early teaching parents and creating photo and video galleries of early teaching in action. Knowing that there are real people behind these concepts, and what those real people look like (and how they do it) is incredibly encouraging.


I hope you enjoy this website as it grows and develops into an early teaching hub. Thanks for reading!