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Baby Gymnastics: 10 Fun Vestibular Stimulation Activities

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Some of the most natural ways that human parents have played with their babies for all of history involves moving baby through space in different ways and at different speeds. For instance: bouncing baby up and down on your knees while singing a nursery rhyme dancing around the room with baby embraced to your chest rocking and swaying baby around to…

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Roll and Float Infant Swimming Method (Review)


A popular method for teaching infant swimming is what I like to call the “roll and float” method. It is a survival swimming technique popularized by Infant Swim Resource that teaches babies how to get to the surface of a pool if they fall in, roll onto their backs, and keep themselves in a floating position with their faces out of the…

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How to Teach Your Baby to Swim


Summer officially began yesterday, but for many of us “summer” has been in swing for weeks or even months now, which hopefully means lots and lots of beneficial swimming! Our swimming program has been on again, off again since April, but lately has been going great with fabulous progress from both of my boys (ages 1 and 7). In this…

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