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Easily Teach Your Little Toddler to Do Jigsaw Puzzles (ages 1-2 years)


How do you help your child transition from doing simple inset-puzzles (the kind where the pieces fit into cutout shapes on a board) to bigger, 12-24+ piece jigsaw puzzles? Here is how I did it with both of my boys, with good (in my opinion) results. My oldest was doing 60+ piece puzzles around age three, and my youngest (just…

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How & Why to Attach Learning Activities to Daily Routines

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I sit next to Damien (22 months) as he munches on his cereal, while he leisurely names, “Alabama, Mississippi” and points to his highchair-side map. It’s a typical sight in this house: this particular map is new, but the concept is not. It’s what I like to call activity attaching. Attaching learning activities to other, set-in-stone daily routine is what…

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Importance of Teaching Toddler Specific Vocabulary


“Would you like a tangelo, Damien?” “Tangelo” he repeated, with the most perfectly imperfect toddler pronunciation he could muster. (See clip below, 9 seconds long) I laugh every time. Just crazy precious. But back to our original concept: why is it important to use specific (versus general) vocabulary with our babies? I will admit that when I first brought a…

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How to Teach Your Baby to Swim


Summer officially began yesterday, but for many of us “summer” has been in swing for weeks or even months now, which hopefully means lots and lots of beneficial swimming! Our swimming program has been on again, off again since April, but lately has been going great with fabulous progress from both of my boys (ages 1 and 7). In this…

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