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Pre-Writing Tracing Printables (Free)


Damien (currently 2 years, 7 months old) has been really into tracing over the past few months. He will ask for tracing activities multiple times a day and has become very good at it. So far tracing is his favorite activity and he hasn’t shown much interest in writing letters on his own lately (he did when he first turned…

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Toddler Math: Parts of a Circle Flash Cards, Video, & Poster


My boys (ages 8 & 2) have been reviewing / learning the parts of a circle this week. They’ve been watching this video, but I’ve also made some printable flash cards and a printable poster for those of you who prefer the paper route. Enjoy! Click here to download the printable flash cards (half page size) Click here to download…

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Shape Block Matching Printable (for Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube)


A while back I made an alphabet magnet matching game. The simple poster was an exact match for our alphabet magnet set, and it looked like this: After making that game and seeing how simple and fun it was, I decided that I could use that same concept for a lot of other things. My next project was to make…

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Letters + Numbers + Shapes + Colors Poster (Free)


Here’s a nice little freebie to start off your week. I’ve been working on it for a few nights and would like to share it as a¬†download for all of you. Follow this link to download and then print. It will print 4 pages which you will need to trim (to get rid of the excess margins), then either glue…

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