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Toddler Phonics: CVC Word Matching Game (126 Simple Phonics Words)


Here are some printable matching games I made for my two-year-old a few weeks ago. They contain 14 pages of “CVC words” (consonant-vowel-consonant words) that are perfect for little ones who are working on sounding out words. This document comes with a matching game (match the word to the picture) as well as “posters” (which I mostly included so you…

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How to Easily Make Your Own Alphabet Magnet Matching Game


Damien (20 months) loves his alphabet magnets. I have a few sets that he loves to play with, and he often brings them to me and tells me some of the sounds or names. Here is a simple way to make a matching game using your own unique set of alphabet magnets. It’s really quick and easy, and I love…

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Letters + Numbers + Shapes + Colors Poster (Free)


Here’s a nice little freebie to start off your week. I’ve been working on it for a few nights and would like to share it as a¬†download for all of you. Follow this link to download and then print. It will print 4 pages which you will need to trim (to get rid of the excess margins), then either glue…

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