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Review of Free Sample Materials from Teaching-Children-Music.com

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Music education is one area that I feel like we have really slacked in over the years. It was always hard for me to stay consistent, even though I knew in my head how important it was. It was just difficult to keep it up and stay motivated, especially with a lack of materials and a lack of much knowledge…

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Music Note Reading Flash Cards: All Videos A – G


Not too long ago, I shared a video I had made for Hunter (7) to help him in learning sight reading of music notes. In that first video, I started off with the notes of the fourth octave of the piano as written on the treble clef.¬†For the future videos I was going to simply do the 2nd octave, 3rd…

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Teach Your Toddler Music: Notation Flash Card Videos (3rd & 4th Octave of Piano)


Last night I scrounged together some old music notation graphics I made (back in 2008!) and put them together in these videos. Nothing all that fancy or perfected but, I think it will get the job done, for now. Note: these videos have been slightly updated! It now includes a “testing” section at the end to practice note recognition. Would…

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