Websites for Parents

Websites for parents related to early learning.


Informational Websites:

BrillBaby Link


BrillBaby has a wealth of articles about teaching little ones, including information on different methods, how-to articles, pros and cons articles, and so much more! Very well organized and professionally done, this is a great place to start if you are new to early learning.



The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP)

This is the organization that Glenn Doman founded “to help every child reach their full potential”. The website has some great articles and resources on it.


Intellectual Baby

Intellectual Baby

A website run by the creators of MonkiSee DVDs and products, Intellectual Baby has quite a lot of articles on teaching babies to read, as well as other topics in early learning.




A great new early learning website showcasing educational children’s toys, print and digital media, websites, and other resources.


Early Learning Parents

Early Learning Parents

While it seems to no longer be an actively updated site, Early Learning Parents was a project of an Early Learning enthusiast who spent a lot of time putting together quite a few great resources.


Forums & Groups:

BrillKids Forum

BrillKids Forum

The BrillKids forum has thousands of threads on every topic related to early learning imaginable. The forum was most active from about 2008-2012, and doesn’t have as many new posts as it used to, but the old threads are a goldmine of useful information.

Early Learning Parents Facebook Group

Early Learning Parent’s Page (Facebook Group)

This Facebook group doesn’t have a lot of activity, as it is meant to be a place for newbies to post their questions and share links. But don’t let the silence fool you: there are dozens of “expert” early learning parents who are members of that group who would be happy to answer questions and share information.



See this post for a list of personal blogs written by early learning parents.