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Toddler Math: Colorful 100 Chart Printable


I made this for Damien (age 2 years, 2 months) recently, as he is really into numbers and counting. I don’t ask him to count out loud too often, as I usually count for him, but apparently he can count pretty high, especially when he is looking at written numerals. So far he has spontaneously counted to about 40, and…

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Toddler Math: Parts of a Circle Flash Cards, Video, & Poster


My boys (ages 8 & 2) have been reviewing / learning the parts of a circle this week. They’ve been watching this video, but I’ve also made some printable flash cards and a printable poster for those of you who prefer the paper route. Enjoy! Click here to download the printable flash cards (half page size) Click here to download…

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Toddler Math: Colorful Bubble Number Line


A number line is a great tool for teaching your child (of any age) many different math concepts. With the aid of a number line, a child can internalize that numbers can be represented as groups of objects or points on a line. Being able to understand numbers and their relationship to each other in more than one format is…

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Addition Matching Game for Toddlers (+1’s)


About a month ago I shared some math videos I was working on to teach Damien the basic arithmetic facts with numbers 0-12. The videos were and are meant to be a single piece in the bigger picture of teaching your child the arithmetic facts and developing and understanding of number concepts. You can click over to the post to…

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