Blogs for Parents

This post contains a list of blogs by parents who write about early learning with their little ones.

Many haven’t been active in a while, but the old posts are still valuable! Enjoy! Please contact me if you know of a blog that you would like to be included, or if you are the owner of one of these blogs and would like me to update the header image.

Updated May 2017.


My blog, of course!

Child Psychology Cork (by Catherine) (newest post: 2013)


Early Learning Mom

Early Learning Mom (by Monique) (newest post: 2017)


Early Learning with Marta, Eaton, and Nathaniel

Early Learning with Marta, Eaton, & Nathaniel (by Marta) (newest post: 2017)


Figur8 (formerly Babylicious) (by Shen-Li) (newest post: 2017)

The Genius Experiment

The Genius Experiment (by Anke) (newest post: 2016)


Gentle Revolution Homeschooling (My old blog!) (newest post: 2015


How to Grow a Child

How to Grow a Child (newest post: 2010)


Intellikids: Early Learning Down Under

Intellikids! Early Learning Down Under (by Kimba) (newest post: 2012)


Larry Sanger (by Larry) (newest post: 2017)

Living With Kids Rocks (formerly Early Education Essentials) (by Natalie) (newest post: 2017)


Memorizing the Moments

Memorizing the Moments (by Kaysha) (newest post: 2017)


Moose's Lodge

Moose’s Lodge (newest post: 2010)


MonkiSee Blog

MonkiSee blog (by Krista) (newest post: 2016)


Play Discover Learn 24/7  (by Lacy) (newest post: 2017)


PokerCub's Wild Childhood Adventure

PokerCub’s Wild Childhood Adventure! (by Tim) (newest post: 2016)


Professional Mothering

Professional Mothering (by Tamsyn) (newest post: 2016)


Raising Royalty

Raising Royalty (by Ashly) (newest post: 2013)


Teaching Baby to Read

Teaching Baby to Read (by Krista) (newest post: 2017)


Teaching Children Music

Teaching Children Music (by Tamsyn) (newest post: 2017)


Teaching My Toddlers

 Teaching My Toddlers (by Tonya) (newest post: 2013)


Special Needs Early Learning Blogs:

Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide

Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide (by Andi) (newest post: 2017)


Down Syndrome - Up Up Up and Away

Down Syndrome – Up Up Up and Away! (by Laura) (newest post: 2015)


Other Languages:

Diário dos papais

Diário dos papais (Portugese) (by Mario) (newest post: 2016)


Caiet pentru şcoala de…acasă

Caiet pentru şcoala de…acasă (Romanian) (by Raluca) (newest post: 2017)


Mic atelier de creatie

Mic atelier de creatie (Romanian) (by Camelia) (newest post: 2015)



Ominunatanebunie (Romanian) (by Oana) (newest post: 2017)


Our English Homeschool

Our English Homeschool (Romanian) (by Adina) (newest post: 2016)


Website down (saving in case they decide to activate website again):

Baby Steps to Independence (by Zoe)

Little Man Logic (by “Korrale”)

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