Blogs for Parents

This post contains a list of blogs by parents who write about early learning with their little ones.

Many haven’t been active in a while, but the old posts are still valuable! Enjoy! Please contact me if you know of a blog that you would like to be included, or if you are the owner of one of these blogs and would like me to update the header image.



Shen-Li’s blog: Babylicious


Child Psychology Cork

Catherine’s blog: Child Psychology Cork


Doman Mom

Liz’s blog: Doman Mom


Early Learning Mom

Monique’s blog: Early Learning Mom


Early Learning Parents

Shivani’s blog: Early Learning Parents


Early Learning with Marta, Eaton, and Nathaniel

Marta’s blog: Early Learning with Marta, Eaton, & Nathaniel


The Genius Experiment

Anke’s blog: The Genius Experiment


How to Grow a Child

How to Grow a Child


Intellikids: Early Learning Down Under

Kimba’s blog: Intellikids! Early Learning Down Under


Larry Sanger

Larry’s blog:


Little Man Logic

Korrale’s blog: Little Man Logic


Memorizing the Moments

Kaysha’s blog: Memorizing the Moments


Moose's Lodge

Moose’s Lodge


MonkiSee Blog

MonkiSee blog


PokerCub's Wild Childhood Adventure

Tim’s blog: PokerCub’s Wild Childhood Adventure!


Professional Mothering

Tamsyn’s blog: Professional Mothering 


Raising Royalty

Ashly’s blog: Raising Royalty


Teaching Baby to Read

Krista’s blog: Teaching Baby to Read


Teaching Children Music

Tamsyn’s blog: Teaching Children Music


Teaching My Toddlers

Tonya’s blog: Teaching My Toddlers


Special Needs Early Learning Blogs:

Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide

Andi’s blog: Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide


Down Syndrome - Up Up Up and Away

Laura’s blog: Down Syndrome – Up Up Up and Away!


Other Languages:

Diário dos papais

Mario’s blog: Diário dos papais (Portugese)


Caiet pentru şcoala de…acasă

Raluca’s blog: Caiet pentru şcoala de…acasă (Romanian)


Mic atelier de creatie

Camelia’s blog: Mic atelier de creatie (Romanian)



Oana’s blog: Ominunatanebunie (Romanian)


Our English Homeschool

Adina’s blog: Our English Homeschool (Romanian)


Website down (saving in case they decide to activate website again):

Natalie’s blog: Early Education Essentials

Zoe’s blog: Baby Steps to Independence

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