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Toddler Phonics: CVC Word Matching Game (126 Simple Phonics Words)


Here are some printable matching games I made for my two-year-old a few weeks ago. They contain 14 pages of “CVC words” (consonant-vowel-consonant words) that are perfect for little ones who are working on sounding out words. This document comes with a matching game (match the word to the picture) as well as “posters” (which I mostly included so you…

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Pre-Writing Tracing Printables (Free)


Damien (currently 2 years, 7 months old) has been really into tracing over the past few months. He will ask for tracing activities multiple times a day and has become very good at it. So far tracing is his favorite activity and he hasn’t shown much interest in writing letters on his own lately (he did when he first turned…

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Addition Matching Game for Toddlers (+1’s)


About a month ago I shared some math videos I was working on to teach Damien the basic arithmetic facts with numbers 0-12. The videos were and are meant to be a single piece in the bigger picture of teaching your child the arithmetic facts and developing and understanding of number concepts. You can click over to the post to…

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