Music Note Reading Flash Cards: All Videos A – G

Free Music Flash Card Videos

Not too long ago, I shared a video I had made for Hunter (7) to help him in learning sight reading of music notes.

In that first video, I started off with the notes of the fourth octave of the piano as written on the treble clef. For the future videos I was going to simply do the 2nd octave, 3rd octave, 5th octave, etc.

But I ran into a slight problems with that organizational format.

Mainly? There is more than one way to write a note.

Free Music Flash Card Videos

The location of the same note, D (4th octave) written on the bass & treble clef

If you look at the above comparison, they both are actually the exact same note on the piano: note D in the 4th octave.

The treble and base clef do overlap like this, I wanted to show both ways to write the note, and it wasn’t as easy and seamless to do that when I was organizing the videos by octave.

I instead decided to simply have the videos organized by notes.

So, the first video shows all of the C’s and E’s. The second, D’s and F’s. The third, G’s, A’s, and B’s.

I felt it might also be easier to memorize that way.

So here are those three videos. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Notes C & E:

Notes D & F:

G, A, & B:

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