Toddler Geography: Colorful Countries of the World Maps (including territories)

Free Colorful Countries of the World Maps

The past week or so I have been working on making countries of the world maps.

You wouldn’t think maps would be something I would have to recreate (yes, I hand-drew all of them based on vector images on Wikipedia, including adding my own details for very small countries and territories that weren’t on the maps. And yes, all of the research and execution and formatting took forever).

But I find myself cursed with this “reinvent the wheel” bug, and I didn’t just want any maps, I wanted very specific maps that met my criteria to include:

  • Bright, playful colors (rather than the pale, neutral colors most maps come in)
  • Just one category at a time labeled (in this case I wanted maps that showed all of the countries without any other information – such as bodies of water or cities – cluttering the map)
  • Each continent on its own individual poster
  • Including territories and dependencies, but only as side notes (each territory or dependency is marked with a number instead of a name, and the numbered list is found at the side of the page)
  • 8×11 sized (to fit in our review binder)
  • Blank maps with no labels as well as a matching labeled maps for the parent to use as a guide
  • The ability to share on my blog for others to use (meaning the original, base images I used had to be copyright free or creative commons copyright)

So here they are. Phew.

But I also hope to get a lot of use out of them. My 9-year-old hasn’t worked on this type of geography in a while and is pretty rusty. My 3-year-old loves maps and when I put them next to his booster chair, he will spend the whole meal asking me, “What’s that? And what’s that?”

Plus our little one on the way will get a lot of use out of these once she gets to the toddler stage (these are best for toddlers on up due to their small size).

Click here to view and download.

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