Black & White & Red Patterns for Your Newborn (Free Printable)

Free Printable Black & White & Red Patterns for Your Newborn

I’ve been working on a lot of materials for baby girl (due in September) lately, and one thing I had a lot of fun with was the newborn visual stimulation patterns to use to decorate her environment.

At birth, the visual system is the least-developed of all the sensory systems, and babies are almost completely blind.

It is only through using their vision that they are able to go from simply having a light reflex (pupils that contract and expand in the presence or absence of light), to soon being able to see high-contrast outlines, and soon after that being able to see color, to eventually being able to see as well as you and I do.

High-contrast (black and white) patterns are one of the few things that baby can actually see in the early days, so decorating your baby’s environment with these types of colors and patterns will encourage them to actually use (and therefore, grow) their vision.

If baby’s environment is full of pale, low-contrast colors that they can’t even see, they won’t have anything to look at or focus on and won’t have the opportunity that they could have had to grow their vision.

I’ve created 120 different full-page (8×11 size) pattern posters, 60 in black and white and 60 in black and white with red details (red is one of the first colors baby can see). You can use these however you want, including:

  • Hang them on the walls (and ceiling!) near baby’s crib, changing table, bathtub, where you nurse or bottle-feed, and wherever baby will spend time
  • Hang some in the car for baby to look at while he’s in his car seat
  • Hang some from a mobile
  • Put some in a picture frame or flip-board for baby to look at while he’s doing tummy time
  • Switch them out regularly to keep baby interested and engaged

I’m planning on creating a few different flip-boards (basically just laminating the posters and attaching them together with loose-leaf rings) and keeping them in various places throughout the house. This way it will be super easy to change the patterns out – cause I really need easy or it’s probably not gonna happen.

Here are links to the pdf files. Click on each image to download:

Free Printable Black & White & Red Newborn Visual Stimulation Patterns

Black & White Visual Stimulation Patterns

Free Printable Black & White & Red Newborn Visual Stimulation Patterns

Black & White & Red Visual Stimulation Patterns


  • Indu May 20, 2014 at 8:05 am

    Thank you! looks great. Need help on printing…is every single pattern an A4 size page? that is, a flip-board with 120 pages? Thanks.

    • Elizabeth (DomanMom) May 26, 2014 at 11:17 am

      Yes, they are A4 (8.5×11 inch) size, so it would be 120 pages if you just clicked “print”. I plan on printing the black & white patterns on one side, and then printing the black & white & red patterns on the other side of the paper, so it will be 60 sheets of paper.

      However, if you wanted to make them smaller (i.e. make them half the size, to 2 pages per sheet) you can do that with Adobe Reader as well as many other pdf viewer programs.

      Here is a tutorial for printing two pages per sheet with Adobe:

      If you have a different pdf viewer you can google search how to print two (or three or four) pages per sheet with that particular program.

      Also, keep in mind that you certainly don’t have to print ALL of these patterns! There really is nothing magical or systematic about each pattern, I just wanted to create a large variety to have options to choose from. Printing only 10 or 20 or whatever number you choose would still be a great stimulating resource for baby.

      • Indu October 13, 2014 at 7:22 am

        Thanks a lot for your response.

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  • Trisha June 24, 2016 at 10:11 am

    These are awesome! Thank you so much.

  • Shelley Johnson August 25, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    at what ages should the black red and white be used?

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