What is Early Learning?

What is Early Learning?

What is “early learning”? I’m not sure where the nickname came from, but it stuck. More than likely, it was a spinoff of the “early reading” movement where most of us started out – that is, teaching our kids to read well before school age, or, “early readers”. But, we we call ourselves “early learning parents”, […]

My Office Supply Picks: Tools for Cre...

My Office Supply Picks: Tools for Creating Learning Materials

I get asked a lot what printer I use, how much it costs to print and laminate everything, and so on. So here is a reference for those of you who are curious about what I use to make all of my materials. Note: this post contains affiliate links. Thanks for helping support the maintaining […]

45+ Sets of Picture Cards Now on Blog...

45+ Sets of Picture Cards Now on Blog (Free)

For all of my email subscribers & direct blog clickers, I’m sharing this post to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded almost all of the picture cards I’ve used with Aria up until this point, a total of about 45 sets (or roughly 450 cards). The new central location for downloading these cards will be DomanMom.com/cards. It […]

Fowler Talking From Infancy Youtube V...

Fowler Talking From Infancy Youtube Videos: How to Help Your Infant Talk

Ok, part of the reason I am sharing this post is because I haven’t watched these videos all the way through yet and I want a nice, neat, clean, orderly page to do that on. But I have heard lots of great things about the “Fowler method”, so I know these are great, high quality […]

Week 29 Early Learning Program

Week 29 Early Learning Program

April 12-19, 2014 Age: 29 weeks old (6.5 months old) Curriculum: inspired by and based loosely on Glenn Doman’s How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence and Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby. We had a lovely little week. Besides the fact that it was cloudy and rainy almost every day, which really put a damper on my spirits, it was a lot […]



Inspired by Glenn Doman, I am a "Doman mom" of a baby and a preschooler and I enjoy teaching them lots of fun, interesting, and beautiful things very early on, including learning how to read, understand math, and appreciate history, the arts, sciences, languages, and more.

I use this blog to share free printables, videos, tips, and articles related to early learning, child development, early mobility & swimming, infant stimulation, and more.


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