Pre-K Curriculum for an Advanced Lear...

Pre-K Curriculum for an Advanced Learner

Damien will be a pre-kinder this year. So hard to believe! His curriculum is a little unique, though. After lot’s of playful early learning in his toddler years, including ample use of educational media (iPad apps, educational websites, etc), some low-key direct teaching, and lots of reading, he started reading about a year ago (just after he turned […]

Review of MonkiSee’s Spanish &#...

Review of MonkiSee’s Spanish “All About Me” (Todo Sobre Mi)

We have been trying to get back in the habit of learning more Spanish around this house, so it couldn’t have come at a better time for us to request to review MonkiSee‘s “All About Me” (Todo Sobre Mi) Spanish DVD.  One of the best things about this DVD is that there is so much pure learning […]

What is Early Learning?

What is Early Learning?

What is “early learning”? I’m not sure where the nickname came from, but it stuck. More than likely, it was a spinoff of the “early reading” movement where most of us started out – that is, teaching our kids to read well before school age, or, “early readers”. But, we we call ourselves “early learning parents”, […]

My Office Supply Picks: Tools for Cre...

My Office Supply Picks: Tools for Creating Learning Materials

I get asked a lot what printer I use, how much it costs to print and laminate everything, and so on. So here is a reference for those of you who are curious about what I use to make all of my materials. Note: this post contains affiliate links. Thanks for helping support the maintaining […]

45+ Sets of Picture Cards Now on Blog...

45+ Sets of Picture Cards Now on Blog (Free)

For all of my email subscribers & direct blog clickers, I’m sharing this post to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded almost all of the picture cards I’ve used with Aria up until this point, a total of about 45 sets (or roughly 450 cards). The new central location for downloading these cards will be It […]


Inspired by Glenn Doman, I am a "Doman mom" of a baby and a preschooler and I enjoy teaching them lots of fun, interesting, and beautiful things very early on, including learning how to read, understand math, and appreciate history, the arts, sciences, languages, and more.

I use this blog to share free printables, videos, tips, and articles related to early learning, child development, early mobility & swimming, infant stimulation, and more.


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