Teach Your Baby to Read Word & Picture Cards (Doman-Inspired)

This resource has been a long time in the making, and I’m so thrilled that it’s finally finished!

Inspired by Glenn Doman’s How to Teach Your Baby to Readthese printable word and picture cards contain ten new words each week to introduce to your baby from the time they are ten weeks old all the way up until their first birthday. That’s a total of 420 words!

The words I chose include family names, items of clothing, body parts, foods, household items, toys, vehicles, animals, colors, shapes, nature words, emotions, actions, opposites, and more.

Here is the complete list and the schedule of when to introduce them. Note that “Week 10” = 10 weeks of age.

Surprisingly, up until now nothing like this even existed that I knew of, either paid or free.

It seemed that most baby reading materials were digital (computer programs or videos), which is a bummer for parents who want to avoid screens, as well as for parents who simply prefer the experience of having physical cards in their hands.

Click here to download and view printable word and picture cards.


Q: Why are your words smaller than Doman recommends?

A: In the book, Doman recommends word cards that are a whopping twenty-two inches long! That’s insane! I’ve found that such a recommendation is completely unnecessary: babies do need big font, but not that big.

Word cards that size require you to buy expensive poster board, cut it out by hand, write out the words by hand, are too big to laminate, and are awkward to use and difficult to store. I still can’t figure out the reasoning behind that recommendation! So I opt for a size that is perfectly visible to even small babies but also cheap, convenient, and user friendly.

Q: Why did you use black ink instead of red?

A: Red is a nice little “perk” for getting babies interested, but black works best for this smaller font size because it is easier to see.

Q: Why do you have pictures on the back of your cards?

A: Doman doesn’t say anything about using pictures in the reading program, but I find that pictures are a nice, fun addition. They make looking at the cards more interesting, and for very young babies who don’t know the meaning of the words yet, they are in some ways essential to teach the meaning behind the words.

Q: How do I print double sided?

A: Each printer is different, but in general you will print the words first, then put the page with the printed words back into the printer, but upside down, to print out the pictures on the opposite side. There are many tutorials available online for various printers.

Q: My baby is older. Can I still use them?

A: Of course! Starting at ten weeks old is for parents who are doing the Doman newborn program. But these words can be started with any age baby, as well as toddlers. They’re great for exposure to written language, sight reading, and vocabulary building!

Q: How do you show the cards?

A: There’s really no one “right” way to expose your child to written language. Some options:

  • You can flash them quickly in traditional flash card style.
  • You can show them more slowly, talking about them, running your finger under the words.
  • You can use binder rings to make them into a “book” (this is what I do).
  • You can hang them on the wall and point to them as you walk past them.
  • You can play games with them.
  • Or anything else you can think of!
Free Printable Word & Picture Cards (Doman Inspired)

I prefer to bind my cards and look through them like a book

Any other questions? I will be happy to answer in the comments!

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