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Response To Dr. Hodge’s “Dangers of Potty Training Too Early”


Potty training has been a feature on this blog as part of our overall philosophy that “Babies are a lot smarter and more capable than we give them credit for”. I felt that the following article was important for me to write in order to help parents who might have been confused after reading the literature of a urologist named Dr.…

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5 Things You Can Do with Your BABY to Make it Easier to Potty Train Them Later


With my first child, I approached potty training in the typical post-modern American way. Babies wear diapers, and you change out those diapers periodically. Duh. Then, when they’re toddlers, usually around two and a half, you introduce the potty and “train” them in a new way of life. Potty training is something you start thinking about when your kid can…

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