Week 3: Newborn Early Learning Program

Aria was two weeks old this week. This is a summary of our week using the early learning / infant stimulation program outlined in How Smart is Your Baby by Glenn Doman. We had a bit of a “boring” week this week. Nothing really too new or exciting, just soaking up all of these precious newborn cuddles and scents and expressions. This is what our program looked like, pretty much identical to last week: Visual stimulation: lots of high-contrast patterns to look at, […]

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Week 2: Newborn Early Learning Program

Aria was 1 week old this week. We are using the early learning / infant stimulation program outlined in How Smart is Your Baby by Glenn Doman. We had a good, laid-back week. I managed to get a little bit of school work done with my older boys, and Aria had a good week with her early learning program. I love how simple the early learning program is at this stage. It takes so little time, so little effort, and […]

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Newborn Early Learning Program: Week 1

I got to meet my beautiful daughter this week. Aria had a safe and healthy delivery at 41 weeks and 1 day gestation. She was 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. We got home from the hospital Tuesday afternoon and spent most of this week cuddling and resting and getting to know each other. And taking lots and lots and lots of pictures. The boys love her. We didn’t get much school work done with them this week […]

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Welcoming Baby Aria to the Blog

Baby Aria made her appearance into the world last Sunday. 7lbs 6oz and 19in long. She is healthy and alert and very, very loved and adored. Looking forward to sharing her early learning journey with the world!

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Free Colorful Countries of the World Maps (including territories)

The past week or so I have been working on making countries of the world maps. You wouldn’t think maps would be something I would have to recreate (yes, I hand-drew all of them based on vector images on Wikipedia, including adding my own details for very small countries and territories that weren’t on the maps. And yes, all of the research and execution and formatting took forever). But I find myself cursed with this “reinvent the wheel” bug, and I […]

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