Free Colorful Countries of the World Maps (including territories)

The past week or so I have been working on making countries of the world maps. You wouldn’t think maps would be something I would have to recreate (yes, I hand-drew all of them based on vector images on Wikipedia, including adding my own details for very small countries and territories that weren’t on the maps. And yes, all of the research and execution and formatting took forever). But I find myself cursed with this “reinvent the wheel” bug, and I […]

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Collection of FREE Newborn Stimulation Printables (for How Smart is Your Baby Program)

Here is a collection of all of the printable materials you will need for the Glenn Doman newborn program (stages 1-3) as described in “How Smart is Your Baby“ (stage 4 printables will be coming soon). Now instead of spending hours making all of these materials from scratch like I did the first time around (or buying them at a steep price), you can just click “print”. I hope these materials will be helpful to a lot of families. Click on each […]

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Free CVC Word Matching Game (126 Simple Phonics Words)

Here are some printable matching games I made for my two-year-old a few weeks ago. They contain 14 pages of “CVC words” (consonant-vowel-consonant words) that are perfect for little ones who are working on sounding out words. This document comes with a matching game (match the word to the picture) as well as “posters” (which I mostly included so you can see which word goes with which picture). These games are great for vocabulary-building, too, as your child might learn […]

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Black & White & Red Patterns for Your Newborn: Free Printables

I’ve been working on a lot of materials for baby girl (due in September) lately, and one thing I had a lot of fun with was the newborn visual stimulation patterns to use to decorate her environment. At birth, the visual system is the least-developed of all the sensory systems, and babies are almost completely blind. It is only through using their vision that they are able to go from simply having a light reflex (pupils that contract and expand […]

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Free Pre-Writing Tracing Activities

Damien (currently 2 years, 7 months old) has been really into tracing over the past few months. He will ask for tracing activities multiple times a day and has become very good at it. So far tracing is his favorite activity and he hasn’t shown much interest in writing letters on his own lately (he did when he first turned two), but that’s just fine with me! Follow the lead and interests of the child. Here are the tracing forms […]