World of Knowledge for Babies: 45+ Sets of Beautiful Picture Cards

Free Picture Cards

For all of my email subscribers & direct blog clickers, I’m sharing this post to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded almost all of the picture cards I’ve used with Aria up until this point, a total of about 45 sets (or roughly 450 cards).

The new central location for downloading these cards will be It is listed at the top navigation bar under Free Materials > Picture Cards.

I will be updating THAT PAGE weekly as I upload new materials that I am using with my daughter.

Please note that this blog post will not be updated with the new cards. But here is a list of that cards that I have uploaded as of today:

Geography Picture Cards:

Math Picture Cards:

Science Picture Cards:

Animal Picture Cards:

Insect & Arachnid Picture Cards:

Plant Picture Cards:

Art Picture Cards:

Music Picture Cards:

Reading Word & Picture Cards: 

Free Printable Reading Word Cards (for baby or toddler learn to read program)

Note: this reading words document is unfinished, as it is only 32 weeks long. I am making additional reading words (for a full 52 week program, starting at age 10 weeks – so 42 weeks of words) and will upload when I finish those additional weeks.

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