World of Knowledge for Babies: 45+ Sets of Beautiful Picture Cards

Free Picture Cards

For all of my email subscribers & direct blog clickers, I’m sharing this post to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded almost all of the picture cards I’ve used with Aria up until this point, a total of about 45 sets (or roughly 450 cards).

The new central location for downloading these cards will be It is listed at the top navigation bar under Free Materials > Picture Cards.

I will be updating THAT PAGE weekly as I upload new materials that I am using with my daughter.

Please note that this blog post will not be updated with the new cards. But here is a list of that cards that I have uploaded as of today:

Geography Picture Cards:

Math Picture Cards:

Science Picture Cards:

Animal Picture Cards:

Insect & Arachnid Picture Cards:

Plant Picture Cards:

Art Picture Cards:

Music Picture Cards:

Reading Word & Picture Cards: 

Free Printable Reading Word Cards (for baby or toddler learn to read program)


  • Joey April 22, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    Thanks very much for sharing all those efforts. Those are what I was really looking for since it was not easy for me to collect all materials and not enough time to arrange it.
    Really thank you.
    God will bless you.

  • Leenie April 22, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing them all. I am curious, do you print them out and laminate them? It just seems like it could get quite costly, considering there are so many cards.

    I am new to this all and my little one is just a few weeks behind Aria. So far, I have been doing the math dots and using my homemade flashcards from bristol board. I have quite a stack of words already and sometimes, I am tempted to just use apps because it just seems impossible to keep adding more and more words. What do you do?

    I have incorporated some of your sensory stimulation stuff, reciting rhymes and singing learning songs too. We do a bit of vestibular stimulation, brachiating off a stick, lots of swimming too. I find it hard to be consistent with eveything. I am so impressed at how you do it with your kids. One is hard enough!

    PS: I love your posts. I spents days reading all of your posts.

    • domanmom April 23, 2015 at 10:55 am

      Leenie, I do print them all and laminate them, and it is somewhat costly but still reasonable, in my opinion. The lamination is the most expensive part, but I use the Scotch Thermal Laminator (very inexpensive – it is available on amazon for $30 and they often have it on sale for $20) and I am able to buy packs of 100 double sided lamination pouches for just $10 on Amazon. So it is only $0.10 per page to laminate them.

      The ink is also extremely cheap. My printer is a brother all in one and I am able to buy ink cartridges, again on amazon, for about $10 for 16 cartridges, which lasts me thousands of picture pages. It lasts so long I would estimate it probably costs $0.01 or less per page of picture cards.

      Paper (I use card stock) is the other expense. I purchase my card stock from walmart, for about $6 for a package of 150 sheets, so about $0.04 per page.

      The total comes to about $0.10 + $0.04 + $0.01, so a total of about $0.15. You also have to keep in mind that each page is two picture cards, so it costs about 7.5 cents per picture card.

      This comes down to a cost of approximately $0.75 per set. Not a bad price, really. I teach 2 sets per week, so you are looking at a cost of $1.50 per week, or $78 a year. I use binder rings to hold the sets together, which cost $0.12 a piece (1 binder ring per set, 2 per week) so over a year you are looking at an additional $12.48, or $90.48 for a year of picture cards.

      This estimation does not include reading word cards, or math cards, but the picture cards are certainly the most numerous and costly. In total I estimate that I spend about $150 a year on creation costs for this type of program, which would add up to over 1000 picture cards each year and over 500 reading cards a year, as well as 100+ math cards.

      Not a bad deal at all! It does require quite a few hours of preparation to double side print, laminate, trim, and bind the cards. But with the right tools (a good laminator, printer, paper cutter, and hole puncher) it isn’t so bad.

    • Serene April 23, 2015 at 2:43 pm

      Just to give my perspective, I print out what I need for the following week a few days in advance, laminate and organize my cards with just that one week outlook because that’s what my time allots. I’ll spend one night creating BITs and/or word cards, then an hour on the weekend laminating, cutting and organizing and I’m set for the coming week (i too have an inexpensive but effective laminator and buy my laminating pouches on amazon). Every once in a while, I’ll go into a crazy creation mode and feel very productive but that’s certainly an exception. I had my children VERY close together. The eldest will be turning 4 in June (similar to Damien) and I have two others (ages 2 and 4 months) which leaves me little time to do long term prepping but the good thing is I can use the same BITs for all three and sometimes even the same word cards. I discovered Doman about 1.5 years ago when my eldest was 2.5. Overall, it’s been amazing. One thing I’ve had to keep in mind is to just RELAX and enjoy the process. You can get wrapped up in the nuances (am i doing it correctly?, he/she isn’t showing me that it’s working, loss of interest, keeping up, etc.) but at the end of the day giving them the opportunity to learn is a reward in and of itself. They’ll absorb what they’re interested in and that’s more than they would if they weren’t provided the opportunity. A little done in a happy way will go further than a lot done in a stressed way. I attended the Doman Institutes last year and the most important takeaway is to take the lead of the child. Work around their interests and it won’t feel so much like work. Also, trust that they’re learning. Don’t hammer the same information ad nauseam looking for a sign that it’s been digested. Move on and work on breadth of information. If they absorb 10% of 1000, that’s certainly better than 100% of 10.

      • domanmom April 23, 2015 at 8:51 pm

        Wow, I wish I had gained as much wisdom about Doman as you did in your first year and a half! It took me much longer than that before I learned the perspective you’ve shared!

        I’m glad you’ve found a system that works for you in how to prepare your materials. It must be quite the challenge, I can’t imagine having a child Damien and Aria’s age PLUS a toddler thrown in the mix! My props to you and your hard work.

        • Serene April 23, 2015 at 11:00 pm

          You’re an inspiration and your resources have been so helpful along the way. There aren’t many voices out there describing their journey (the good and the bad) with the program or sharing their adaptation of the materials. It’s been empowering to see that not every letter has to be followed for the program to “work”. Customization is certainly an option and quite frankly, encouraged by Doman.

          Trust me, I have to remind myself often that I’m doing the best I can and not to focus so much on what more I could be doing (much easier in theory). I’d like to think the kids benefit from exposure even if I’m not teaching one child directly. And I had an epiphany along the way. My kids aren’t always going to call out an Alaskan Malamute when they see one or name the type of cloud formation they see but when they learn about it in the future it will seem familiar to them. I liken it to a foreign language. I grew up in a dual language household but English has been predominate the latter half of my life. There are many words in the foreign language that are no longer in rotation for me…until I hear them again. Those words return to the forefront and I can use them effortlessly once again – without having to convert the word(s) from English. I have a hunch that’s how EK works.

  • Bee-Bee April 22, 2015 at 11:36 pm


    For the plants, the links are incorrect. The Set 1 is linked to Set2. Set 2 is linked to Set 3.

    • domanmom April 23, 2015 at 10:57 am

      Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate it.

  • Serene April 22, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    You are amazing! Thank you so much! This will buy me more sleep 🙂 I just have to ask…when do you have time to prep all of your material? You work magic with word.doc!

    • domanmom April 23, 2015 at 11:02 am

      Thank you! To be honest, I don’t know how I find the time, and a lot of time I DON’T find the time. And other times I am only able to do it because I am neglecting other things, like housework or even taking the day off of doing anything educational with my kids. But when I get a good rhythm going I am able to crank out a lot of cards in a decent amount of time, depending on what the cards are. Certain cards take a lot more time to develop than others! Years of collecting lists and making different sorts of materials and collecting graphics have helped, too. I also spent a LOT of time when I was pregnant working on everything. I’m just glad that my hours are able to help more than just my kids – it makes all of the work a little more “worth it” that I know the positive effects can go much further.

  • Rita April 24, 2015 at 3:22 am

    Thank you very much for the cards! I have 5 month old twins and have been doing the Doman method to the best of my ability with them. It’s been really hard to find time and energy to prepare the materials, but I love seeing their happily wiggling bodies when I take out the cards. Seriously, they even stop crying to see the cards! Your posts have been inspiration to me and huge help. Thanks again.

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  • Amy May 7, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    I am so happy I have found your site! I am new to all of the Doman things but I have read all of the books now and have been doing the reading program with my 10 month old and have ordered a couple of sets of Bit cards from Domans site but have wanting to make my own cards. I just started printing the math cards and I am just curious, Doman has everything on 11×11 cards – have you noticed that having them smaller makes a difference either way?

  • Diana August 9, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Oh I wish I had discovered your Blog a year ago! Thank you very much for sharing all your material. This really saves us time, but also, well.. I have no idea or talent to make it. I have a couple of questions. The cards that have just the picture name for example: “North America”, or “circle”… Do you print-laminate-cut and add it to the set of picture cards you show to your son? After or before the picture its naming? Or in a different set? Please share what the purpose is and how you do this with your Little one. Thank you in advance!

    • Diana August 9, 2016 at 1:12 pm

      Oh, I almost forgot. If you laminate and then cut, do your sets last? That kinda worries me. I always print-cut-laminate-cut again leaving a small border in each card. Thanks

      • Diana August 12, 2016 at 4:40 pm

        Sorry another question, do you print double sided? Or just one side and on the back you add some details/info of the picture? Just hope you answer


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