Toddler Addition Videos (+1’s through +3’s)

Digital Addition Flash Cards

I recently started the production of several simple math flash card videos for Damien.

The purpose in these videos is to teach the memorization of the basic arithmetic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) for numbers 0-12.

They are in some ways unlike the traditional Doman math program, because in the Doman program arithmetic is introduced by random, never repeating equations. For example, one day showing 3+4=7 and several others, the next day 20+31=51, and so on. The baby is seeing all kinds of new equations and so he doesn’t get bored, and learns through seeing what “adding” means.

I will admit that this type of random presentation has it’s benefits, and my first son did learn what “adding” and “subtracting” and “multiplying” and “dividing” meant just by seeing these random equations. It was quite phenomenal.

However, I have learned that the memorization of the basic facts is still vitally important. Even though my first son knew what those words meant, and could answer questions when he was little (for example, what is 93÷3?), he still had to have the basics verbally memorized. The issue with the Doman math was that he could always point out and “see” the answers but he could never verbalize them.

So with Damien I am creating these math videos. There will be around 40 total when I am done, I think I calculated, to go through the four basic operations with numbers 0-12.


  • Each video is very brief, just over a minute long.
  • They are quickly paced, for the purpose that the child simply absorbs the information rather than studying each screen.
  • The equations are put to “song”. I know it’s not the most creative rendition but it can be sung.
  • Each equation is repeated twice: the first time with objects, the second time with numerals.
  • Each video features two different objects to keep things interesting and engaging: these first three videos contain various balls. Other objects for future videos will include toys, household objects, foods, animals, and so on.
  • The equation is repeated in opposite order: for instance, the first time “4+2=6”, the second time “2+4=6”. This is to teach the concept that (with addition and multiplication), the order doesn’t matter (commutative property).
  • Each slide is clear and distinctive so concepts are easily understood. For example, I do not simply put up the equation 9+3=12 on the screen and read it. The screen starts off with just a “9” and I say “nine”, then the “+” symbol comes up and I say “plus”, then the “3” symbol comes up and I say “three”, and so on. This not only teaches the concepts individually so they are clearly understood, but also teaches left-to-right progression in reading the equation.
  • Each video is followed by a brief bit of math-related encyclopedic knowledge. These first three videos contain shapes at the end.
  • I am planning to create printable supplements to go along with these videos. For example a printable card with “5+3=” and then the child can use matching to place the correct answer at the end of the card, “8”. I would like to make these in both numerals and objects.

So far Damien really enjoys the ones I have made. He will ask me for “math!” and then make his preference known which video he wants to see by saying either “soccer ball!” or “football!” and so on.

The videos are meant to be repeated over and over again (not all at the same time, just over the course of many weeks or months) so that firm memorization can happen.

In order to prevent boredom from the videos getting old, I would like to have many videos rotating at once (between the 40 or so total videos) so it will all seem “new” and “interesting” (rather than watching the same exact video every single day).

They are not meant to be a stand-alone math product, and it is helpful to bring math to life in real life by counting objects, doing addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, and so on, singing the songs instead of always watching them (and encouraging baby to sing along), and so on.

Will definitely share more resources to go with these videos, and the rest of the videos (as I make them) on this blog.

Here are the first three videos (+1’s, +2’s, +3’s):

Happy learning!

Damien is currently 1 year, 9 months (21 months) old


  • Katja March 5, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    thank you very much for sharing these. I’ve downloaded first 3 and will look through your blog for the rest of the Math videos that you’ve made.
    We are having difficulties with Doman Math.
    I have started reading (in 2 languages) and Math program with my girl when she was 22 months old. She is now almost 25 months, and reading going beautifully, she remembers words (not all of them, but it’s ok) in both languages and is very delighted to do “choosing” of correct word from 2 or 3 words given or shown to her.
    She is mostly correct, sometimes she gets it wrong, but I just show her the correct word and praise her anyway. But with Math Dots – no matter how many times we play “choosing” game – she gets it wrong every time, and I can see she’s just guessing or saying first thing that comes to mind. Out of presented objects (like orange segments) she can only identify up to 6 or 7 pieces, and then just says random numbers, mostly “six”. She likes watching the cards though, especially on the potty or when she tells me to “hide” them (I hide the card behind my back or behind a wall then quickly reveal it to her shouting the amount of dots).
    I think part of the problem is that she’s very interested in symbols for the numbers now, (I couldn’t prevent this from happening, she’s been at childminders and grandparents etc.) and she points at number’s symbols and names them all (mostly correctly) up to 10. She grabs to dots cards when she can and turns them over to see the number symbols on the back and picks one or another number out of 2-digit number and names it….
    I would appreciate if you have any advice or suggestion for me. We’re up to quantity 44 now, but I haven’t started additions with cards yet, just objects sometimes from 1-10. Shall I start from the beginning from dot 1 in a different language, although they say don’t show same cards again (she only knows symbols names in English), or shall I abandon hope with Doman Maths method altogether?
    Thank you!

    • domanmom April 6, 2013 at 12:17 pm

      Katja, thanks for your comment. I wish I knew how to give you a more solid answer, but my only suggestion is to follow her lead. If she is not interested in the Doman maths, that is OK. Doman math is meant to be the foundation to teach children the meaning behind the symbols, but children can very well succeed in math without it. If your child is very interested in numerals, perhaps try using dots and numerals together, as in a matching game? (match the numeral “6” to six objects) Above all, be sure not to push the dots if she isn’t interested: there are tons of other ways to learn math, and you certainly don’t want to turn her off to math by pushing something she doesn’t want. Also remember that children do not like to be tested: if she keeps giving you wrong answers when you ask about the dots, she is probably just showing you her resistance. Back off on testing her for a long while and just incorporate the dots as an extra, without testing. Give her the knowledge as a gift and don’t ask for anything back in return. Good luck and sorry I didn’t have as much of a definite answer as I would have liked!

      • Katja April 8, 2013 at 7:33 am

        thanks, I’ll try numerals to quantities matching game. I didn’t think of this, I guess it’s just your experience 🙂

  • Jesper Fontain March 6, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Thank you for these, they are great! We’ll look forward to the others as well.

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  • az April 29, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    These videos are excellent. I would love to see more addition facts, are they on your website? I have looked everywhere but cant find.
    Many thanks.

  • S December 6, 2016 at 10:31 am

    Hi! I’m doing the doman math for my 10 month old, and I am concerned about what you mentioned regarding the problems you faced with doing doman math with your first son. I did read in the book that you can create equation sets with a pattern or common element, i.e. 1 + 2 +3 = 6, 2 + 1 + 3 = 6, 3 + 1 + 2 = 6. Or even do sets exploring sequences, number personalities etc. Do you think this would prevent the problem of not being able to verbalize and explain the answers?


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