Weekly Checklist Stage 5 Doman Physical Program

Physical Intelligence Program: Activities for Your Walking Baby & Toddler

Glenn Doman’s Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby (previously titled How to Teach Your Baby to Be Physically Superb) has a whole lot of great activities to do with your child to help them and have fun with them at different stages of development: daily walks and runs together, balance activities, activities to develop small motor skills and manual function, and so on.

But as the activities are constantly changing (as your baby’s abilities and needs are changing) it can be hard to keep track of what to do today, or how many times per day you have done a certain activity, and so on.

Enter the program logs I have created.

I previously published program logs for your baby for the activities you do from birth to when they are taking steps (stages I-IV), but here is one more finished log I have ready: Stage V, your walking child.

The Stage V log includes

  • A beginning walking program (walking on different terrains for increasing distances)
  • The active balance program (teaching your baby forwards somersaults, log rolls, and balance beam walking)
  • A manual program for developing bimanual cortical opposition (activities that use both hands with one hand in the leading roll, such as pouring with a pitcher, scissors, twisting lids, and so on)
  • A manual program for developing hand strength (brachiation [monkey bars] and hanging bar)
  • Sensory activities record

Remember, this log is meant to be used as a supplement for, not a replacement of, the program and activities outlined in Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby. Enjoy! Click here to download.

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