Doman Language Development Program Weekly Checklist

Language Development Program Log (Birth - 12 Months) for "How Smart is Your Baby" Program

When I published the logs for the “How Smart is Your Baby” program a while back, I guess that wasn’t really the complete set. I forgot one other aspect of the program: the language development program.

While the language development chapter of the book is rather simple, the activities Doman suggests still could use a log of their own to help you keep track, right?

Here is part 1 of that log. Part 1 includes a section for keeping track of the following activities:

  • Having a conversation (check box each time you have a face-to-face, sit-down, meaningful conversation with him)
  • Using choice boards (keep track of what boards you have available and how many times you used each one every day)
  • Reciting specific sounds in a poem (some reminders about how-to, plus a place for recording the poem you are using)
  • Assigning meaning to specific sounds (write down the new sounds your baby says and what words you think those sounds mean)

The log also has a reminder about using the mobility program (to promote development of good respiration, a key to language) and a note-taking place you can print on the back to keep track of your sessions.

Later I am going to create and share a 2nd page to the language development program, which will include a log for keeping track of sign language you are using, books and poetry read to your baby (story time), tips for dialogic reading, and concept language you are introducing and using with your baby (for example, concepts such as big and small, ordinal words [first, second, etc], prepositions [over, under, behind], colors, and so on). These things aren’t actually included in the Doman book, but I thought would be helpful nonetheless for those who want to use it.

Click here to download part 1.


  • Sam July 2, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Thanks for the awesome logs. I love how structured they are; not cluttered, but everything is still there.

  • Shaheen December 13, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Hi, thanks for the log. It is well structured and useful. I was wondering if you have the link to the 2nd part of it. thanks.


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