Glenn Doman Inspired Baby Math Videos

I put together some videos to teach babies and toddlers the basic concepts behind numbers, what they are, and the ways we represent them, using numbers zero through one hundred. They cover:

  • Counting forwards
  • Counting backwards
  • Real numbers (subitization with random dot placements)
  • Symbols for numbers (numerals)
  • Reading number words
  • Quantities arranged in straight rows
  • Counting with one-to-one correspondence

The videos use colorful graphics and symbols for added interest, as well as being very brief (approximately 60-80 seconds long each) to keep and hold short attention spans.

I am in the process of creating more videos to go along with this series of math for babies, including concepts of more and less, shapes, time, money, and so on. I have a few videos posted in the arithmetic series (click here) and the first part of the printables to go along with those videos (for plus ones, see here).

Eventually, it will be a complete series, but for now, I am trying to be patient in the production. Creating products seems to take five or ten times longer than I expect it to. I will continue posting things as they become available.

Click on a picture below to watch on YouTube:

Learning Numbers 0-10 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 0-10

Learning Numbers 10-20 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 10-20

Learning Numbers 20-30 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 20-30

Learning Numbers 30-40 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 30-40

Learning Numbers 40-50 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 40-5

Learning Numbers 50-60 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 50-60

Learning Numbers 60-70 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 60-70

Learning Numbers 70-80 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 70-80

Learning Numbers 80-90 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 80-90

Learning Numbers 90-100 Free Baby Math Video

Numbers 90-100

Counting to 100 with Colorful Dots: Free Baby Math Video

Dots only: counting from 1-100 with colorful dots

Learning Numerals 0-100 Free Flashcard Video

Coming soon: counting from 0-100 with numerals only

Enjoy! And thanks for helping to support by sharing this with your friends.


  • Katty Ari June 26, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    soooo useful!!! thank you so much!

  • abhi March 28, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    Do you teach dots and numerals at the same time?


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