Doman-Inspired Early Reader Book: Colors

My Color Book: Free Lift-A-Flap Early Reader

Here is a book I recently made in the early reader level two category (two-word phrases, or “couplets”).

This book will teach your child

  • 14 different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, grey, black, white, gold, silver, and beige)
  • Phrase reading (rather than just reading single words) and left-to-right reading
  • Sight word recognition for color words

Damien (age 2 years, 0 months) already knows the colors very well, but I went ahead and made this book anyway so that I can use it for future children. He has ended up liking to look at it anyway; it is helpful for him to use to reinforce sight-word recognition of color words, and to simply enjoy reading together.

I have also made this same book in Spanish, which I will share soon.

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How to Assemble & Bind DomanMom's Printable Lift-a-Flap Early Reader Books

Click here to view a tutorial on how to assemble and bind these printable books.



Damien is currently 2 years, 0 months old

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